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      Global Business

      “Development driven by innovation, excellence promoted by dedication”, Tsingshan, adhering to its unique ethos, has constantly devoted to exploring stainless steel and the new energy industry. It has established an industrial production chain spanning from mining to the finished products of high-grade stainless steel worldwide, and promoted the upgrading of the new energy technology actively. Aiming to improve the living quality through stainless steel, Tsingshan takes the ideas into actions for the green and sustainable future of mankind.

      Innovation and
      Brave to be the first, keep innovation and reform.
      Global Production Bases of Tsingshan

      New Energy Industry Chain Relying on the abundant upstream resources, cooperating with first-class domestic and international partners, and taking cost-effective products as the core, Tsingshan will build an industry chain covering nickel and cobalt mineral resources exploitation, hydrometallurgy, precursor, cathode material and battery application, to boost the development of the global new energy industry.
      Core data
      Rank 279st on Fortune 500
      262.6 billion CNY sales in 2019
      10.65 million tons Stainless steel
      production in 2019
      330 thousand tons of nickel
      equivalent production in 2019
      8 production bases
      over 80,000 employees worldwide
      Several ports that can berth
      Handysize and Capesize vessels
      Over 330 patents and copyrights

      Tsingshan is committed to producing high-quality, low-cost, energy-saving, environmental-friendly stainless steel and new energy in the efforts for safer and more convenient lives of mankind. With people-oriented and win-win vision, we are willing to join hands with like-minded friends in the world to realize our dreams and contribute to the society! Making life-long stainless steel and creating a sustainable future.